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The Over-rated and Under-rated Players of Madden NFL 17

There is still almost a week left until the official release of Madden NFL 17, but the information regarding player rating have surfaced ahead of the game’s launch.

This Madden NFL 17 player rating will help you dictate which players you need to go with when the game officially launches on Aug. 23, 2016. Do note that it really does not matter how good/bad a player is in real life, if this list says he is bad; you may want to avoid him in the game.

Madden NFL 17 Underrated and Overrated Players

One important thing that you need to know, however, is that this list does not include all players, but solely focuses on players who are underrated or overrated in Madden NFL 17.

Madden NFL 17 Underrated Players

Cam Newton
There are some who believe that Cam Newton would be rated 99 so it is definitely a shock to see him rated 94.

Adrian Peterson
Being rated 91 seems a little low considering the fact that we are talking about the reigning rushing champ, but this is how the things are.

NaVorro Bowman
This is arguably the biggest shocker of all! Being rated 88 is definitely a setback for the reigning tackles leader and one of the best linebackers in the entire league.

Andrew Luck
It goes without saying that Andrew Luck is way better than average quarterbacks that he is categorized with. Being rated 86 is not justified under any circumstance.

Madden NFL 17 Overrated Players

Harrison Smith
There is no doubt that Harrison Smith is a good player, but to rate him higher than Eric Berry, Reshad Jones, and Earl Thomas is unjustified under any circumstance.

Patrick Dimarco
In a season where it is nigh impossible for a fullback to get beyond 90, how on earth is it possible for Patrick Dimarco to get rated 91?

Alshon Jeffery
This is the same case we saw with Andrew Luck. There is no doubt that Alshon Jeffery is a decent enough receiver, but to rate him higher than likes of Dez Bryant, Doug Baldwin, and Jordy Nelson is wrong on all accounts. This guy does not deserve 91 in all honesty.

What do you think of this Madden NFL 17 Underrated and Overrated players? Let us know in the comments section below!