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Prey Reboot is Almost A Sci-Fi Dishonored, Yeah – We Just Compared The Two!

Whenever someone uses the word Prey in gaming, most automatically think of the amazing sci-fi supernatural first person shooter that was released back in 2006 and made by Human Head Studios, or its cancelled sequel.

However, that is expected to change now that Dishonored developers, Arkane Studios are working on a reboot of the game.

According to Arkane, the only similarity between both these games is the name and nothing else is common between them as the Prey reboot will feel more like a sci-fi version of Dishonored. This means that unlike the original game, the action and gameplay will be more dynamic and high-octane this time.

During a recent behind closed doors demo, Arkane showed off some of the abilities and tools at the player’s disposal in the new Prey game. The premise of the game is that the protagonist, Morgan Yu, wakes up on a space station that is under attack by some aliens and now players have to survive the infiltration.

In the demo, Morgan arrives in the lobby of Talos 1, a space station orbiting the moon, to discover a species of aliens, dubbed the Typhon, running amok.

Morgan’s job is to survive by any means necessary, even if it means killing every Alien on the space station. Prey also seems to feature an “open space station” setting as well as exterior zero-gravity environments packed with secrets and side-quests.

Player’s abilities come from neuromods which Morgan injects into his eye balls to acquire special powers such as a Mimic ability which he can use to transform into other things like a coffee cup.

However, since the game is being designed with RPG-style progression in mind, players are free to tailor their neuromods in whatever way they see fit, whether it is aggressive powers or stealth abilities. Neuromods can also be acquired from different aliens.

Similar to Dishonored, Prey will give players a huge arsenal of gadgets and weapons to use as they see fit. One great example of that is a “gloo cannon” which can encase enemies in a solid crystal and can also be used to create platforms or close up flame breathing pipes. It can also be combined with neuromod abilities like superthermal for devastating effect.

Improvisation seems to be the main tool Arkane uses with its games and it has worked out great for them so far. Perhaps that is why crafting seems to be playing a big role in Prey too as players can craft new tools by scraping old items and debris.

All in all, it is being developed with freedom and challenging gameplay in mind, something that gamers always welcome!