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Pokemon Sun and Moon Ridable Pokemon and How PokeRide Works

The setting of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Alola Region, is vast and because of that, sometimes it can be a chore to travel from one place to another by walking. Plus, some areas are only accessible by special means on account of them being on high areas or as island in water where the player can obviously not walk.

That is where this guide comes in with the list of Rideable Pokemon players can use to journey across Alola Region. Unfortunately, these Pokemon can’t be added to player’s party and only serve as part of the PokeRide ability.

Pokemon Sun and Moon – How Rideable Pokemon and PokeRider Work

Once acquired, players can use the ability to summon them at any time and then travel over water, smash rocks to clear areas or fly to remote locations.

Being the great fire dragon that he is, Charizard can be used to fly to different locations.

A Water-Type Pokemon, Lapras can be used to travel over water through its Surf ability.

A Land-Type Pokemon, Mudsdale can be used to travel over rocky terrain.

This Pokemon works similar to Lapras but can also jump, move faster over water and crash into rocks.

This Land-Type Pokemon, without any special movement ability but can sniff out hidden items.

Another Land-Type Pokemon that can be used to run through and break blocks and obstacles.

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