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Popular No Man’s Sky Mods For An Improved Experience

One of the biggest benefits of PC gaming is the ability to mod most games and change the gameplay experience in a unique way. The latest addition to such changes are the mods for No Man’s Sky which are available for free, of course it goes without saying that they are not officially supported and future game updates might disable them.

No Man’s Sky finally released on PC last week and the launch has been bumpy to say the least. Not only was the game plagued with many bugs and performance issues but a lot of players felt it just did not deliver on the countless promises made.

To top that off, there were a lot of annoyances that were part of the game design. Thankfully with the help of the mods for No Man’s Sky, many of those issues can now be countered.

Below are some of the best mods for No Man’s Sky

Fast Actions
One of the biggest problem players would have noticed the moment they started playing the game would be the need to hold down left mouse button to select menu options or perform in game tasks like crafting.

a platform where everyone is used to simply clicking, this felt very weird and as if developers just brought it over from the console version of the game and didn’t think properly as to how it would work on PC. The mod gets rid of that problem and all actions are now performed simply by clicking once.

The constant berating by the suit/ship’s AI gets on the nerves after a few hours especially when players can clearly see the status of their Life Support System on their HUD. In that case, there is no need for the annoying AI voice to remind players of Life Support Systems being low after every minute. This mod will mute all such warnings so players can enjoy the game in peace.

Filter Removal
Chromatic Aberration and Vignetting are two such lens effects that developers should completely stop using in their games because no one likes them. They present a weird color tone and the final display looks as if someone applied a couple of Instagram filters on the screen.

Thankfully this mod not only removes those two things about also the scan lines which are present on the player’s helmet (so this might not be for those who want the astronaut immersion experience)

Instead of going to the menu to turn off HUD for those pretty screenshots, this mod allows players to toggle the HUD on/off simply by pressing F5

Resolution Multiplier
Many players are reporting that even though their resolution is high, the game itself is being loaded at a lower resolution creating blurry and low quality visuals. This mod fixes that by editing a file in the game folder and modifying some scale values.

The entire collection of mods and how to install them can be seen here.