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New Overwatch Map “Eichenwalde” Coming Soon

A new Overwatch map by the name of Eichenwalde is coming soon to Blizzard’s team-based first-person shooter game, and will be the first new map the game has had since it launched back in May. The map, focused around a castle and the town surrounding it, is yet another example of Overwatch’s beautiful environments.

Unfortunately, the bright colors are the only things the map has going for it. Wrecked Omnics litter the town, pointing towards it once being a battleground of the Omnic crisis. Towards the end of the game’s trailer (which you can see at the top of this page), you can even see a familiar-looking suit of armor sitting on a ruined throne. It’s possible that this place may have been Reinhardt’s home town.

The new Overwatch map will be released for free in September, but for now it’s only available to play if you’re actually at Gamescom. In addition to the new map, Blizzard will also be revealing a new Overwatch short, featuring everyone’s favorite robot buddy, Bastion.

Not only is the map a medieval castle, however, but the gameplay design has also changed. Playing Payload, for instance, you won’t be escorting any sort of bomb this time around. Instead, the thing you’ll be escorting is actually a battering ram, which you’ll use to break down the door of the castle that serves as the map’s centerpiece.

In case you needed any more juxtaposition between old and new, Eichenwalde is also located a short distance outside of a modern city, which you can see in the background of the panoramic shot in the trailer.

In the meantime, while you wait for the new Overwatch map, there’s still plenty of ranks to go up in Overwatch’s competitive mode, and plenty of skins, voice clips, sprays, and more to buy from loot boxes before the map comes out.