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Infinity Ward Shares Details on Infinite Warfare Zombie Mode Weapons

Along with the new zombie mode that Infinity Ward announced at Gamescom, we also got a lot of information on the Infinite Warfare zombie mode weapons, all of which can help you burst undead heads even more spectacularly than ever before. In addition to regular weapons, these also include two guns specific to that mode.

In the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare zombie mode, called “Zombies in Spaceland,” players will take control of one of four failing actors that have come to a theater in an abandoned amusement park for an audition. Now they must survive against the endless hordes of undead.

The Infinite Warfare zombie mode weapons are taken from a variety of different places. These range from the game’s current multiplayer, specific weapons zombies in Spaceland, and a new type of gun called “quest weapons”. To explain, Quest Weapons are guns that are originally in pieces, and must be put together by accomplishing various tasks all over the map.

If you want, you can also modify a weapon loadout prior to a match of zombies, so that you can pick up customized weapons in-game. If you want to just use your multiplayer weapons, however, they’ll still be just as powerful as they are in multiplayer, no new leveling required.

Two of the Infinite Warfare zombie mode guns were also revealed during the show. To start off, we have the Dischord. A single-shot pistol with energy bullets, killing a zombie with the Dischord will send them spinning around, gibbing other zombies and knocking them high into the air.

Secondly, we have the Facemelter pistol. It’s also a single-shot energy gun, but if you kill a zombie like this they’ll shoot into the air and explode, raining fire down on the other zombies. Even if they aren’t very effective, they should be very impressive.

Infinite Warfare won’t be releasing until November, so in the meantime you should keep on the lookout for more stuff about the new zombies mode.