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How Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Link Features and Friendly Competitions Work

Global Link is returning in Pokemon Sun and Moon alongside new features and changes to the ones seen in previous games, such as Online Competitions. For the first time in franchise history, the Pokemon Global Link will also allow players to make Friendly Competitions.

Players can create their very own Battle Competition with custom parameters for others to enter. There are two types of competitions, Online and Live with their own differences.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Link

The possible tweaking options available for these Friendly Competitions are:

  • Name – The Name of the competition
  • Description – The Description of the competition
  • Ruleset – Currently only Singles & Doubles are listed
  • Pokedex – Currently can select Alola Pokedex or National Pokedex
  • Restrictions – Can choose whether to be Pokemon Sun/Moon only or to include Pokemon transferred via Pokemon Bank
  • Duration – The length of the competition
  • Timer – The duration of battles | 10 minutes or 30 minutes.
  • Battles Per Day – The number of battles allowed per day
  • Competition Type – Public or Private
  • Participating Trainers – Everyone or Specified Trainers, with a selection allowing players to specify trainers

Once a player sets up these parameters and creates their Friendly Competition, they will be given a QR code which can be shared with other players. Those who scan it can then enter the competition.