Gears of War 4 4K Gameplay Introduces the Swarm

Gamescom is now underway, and among all of the trailers and demos are a few gameplay videos. A Gears of War 4 4K gameplay video is one of these, and in it, our main trio are introduced to the game’s main enemy, the Swarm. The video gives us a good bit of familiarity, despite the new enemy and new mechanics we also see.

The 4K also does fairly well with showing us Gears of War’s classic “war-torn architecture” angle that everyone became so familiar with in the last few games, as JD and his friends make their way through an abandoned cathedral and its accompanying graveyard, still littered with the corpses of fallen Gears that have now rotted away to skeletons.

To start off with, the Swarm. They’re the replacement enemy to the Locust Horde, and appear to have evolved from them in a number of ways. Like the Locust they have a number of different subtypes, ranging from the Wretch-like Juvies to their own version of drones, which Juvies evolve into. They also pop out of the ground like the Locust, but from concealed nests rather than emergence holes.

Perhaps one of the more interesting bits of info we got form the Gears of War 4 4K gameplay video is that they can actually speak English much more clearly. Far from the Locust growls and gargles, we can hear all of the drones shouting “Kill! Destroy! Terminate!” as JD and his pals mow them down.

The gameplay actually seems to take place fairly early in the game, when JD and his squad first encounter the Swarm. We already saw one encounter with them at E3 2015, but now we get to see how the rest of the Swarm operates.

The Gears of War 4 4K gameplay also shows us the new Buzzkill and Dropshot weapons in action, with their ricocheting buzzsaws and floating bombs accounting for more than a few Swarm drones. Both are only two of the variety of new weapons that we’re going to be seeing when the game releases in October.