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Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Stress Test is Exclusive to Consoles

Titanfall 2 multiplayer stress test is being held soon but it is exclusive to consoles. According to Respawn Entertainment, since their server backend is per-platform they do not need to test the game across all platforms.

Thus, Titanfall 2 stress test will be held on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The studio did explain why PC is not included. The problem with PC is that it is an open platform so hardware variety & “min spec” optimization cause as issue.

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From a development standpoint, Titanfall 2 multiplayer stress test on PC is just not a feasible option.

We’re still making a lot of tweaks and changes to the renderer, the game, and effects so we haven’t run the game through the hardware compatibility lab yet to detect and handle a large variety of hardware – video cards, CPUs etc. Quite frankly, we aren’t ready to deal with that yet, we are still making the game better.

We also haven’t done enough work to fully support our ‘Min Spec’ on PC yet. So, currently the PC game isn’t as easy to throw out for testing as the console is, because of the additional variables and configurations that we need to support.

Vince Zampella, Founder and CEO, realized that this is a major disappointment for PC gamers. But the development team thinks this allows them to concentrate on the real purpose of the tech test and focus on the server stability and scalability.

Titanfall 2 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC next month.