Bungie Details Playstation 4 Exclusive Rise of Iron Content

Bungie has detailed the Playstation 4 exclusive Rise of Iron content that will be coming out when the DLC releases on September 20. This is similar to other PS4-exclusive content in Destiny that came out before The Taken King, including the Four Horseman shotgun and other weapons and gear.

To start off with, Playstation 4 Destiny players will be getting a new quest line. You’ll be receiving the quest from a new character by the name of Tyra Karn, an Awoken that serves as one of the vendors in Felwinter Peak, the expansion’s new social space. Karn will be your artifact vendor in the DLC. The quest will involve you going into the Plaguelands in order to study some of the Fallen’s more brutal aspects of machine-worship.

The second thing you’ll be getting in the Playstation 4 exclusive Rise of Iron content is a new ship, called the Timeless Tereshkova. The ship serves as a quest reward, and it’s a pretty cool-looking one too, colored blue and white.

Finally, the last bit of content you’ll get is a new multiplayer map, called Icarus. The map takes place on Mercury’s Languid Sea, much like the two other maps that take place on Mercury. Icarus is a medium-sized map that can host six-on-six battles.

If you’re one of those people that owns a Playstation 4 and still plays Destiny, you’ll be able to play all of this content when Rise of Iron comes out on September 20. If you’re playing on the Xbox One, you’ll have to wait a year before the content becomes available for the Xbox One, until Fall 2017.

You won’t be getting any exclusive content on the Playstation 3 however, considering that Bungie is stopping support for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Rise of Iron won’t be coming out on either of the older versions of the consoles, so if you don’t have an Xbox One or Playstation 4 yet you should probably do it now, before the DLC comes out.