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No Man’s Sky Monolith Puzzle Solutions Guide – Descriptions, Solutions, Rewards

No Man’s Sky Monolith Puzzle Solutions Guide to help you solve all the riddles in the game and receive rewards.

No Man’s Sky Monoliths are basically ancient buildings which were built by one of the main alien races. You need to interact with these No Man’s Sky Monoliths in the game to get a riddle. Once solved, you will have to solve it and acquire rewards.

However, No Man’s Sky Monolith Puzzle Solutions are not always straightforward and require a bit of thinking.

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No Man’s Sky Monolith Puzzle Solutions Guide

Our No Man’s Sky Monolith Puzzle Solutions Guide details everything you need to know about these riddles, their solutions, rewards that you will be able to reap, and more.

Vy’keen Monolith Puzzles

No Man Sky Monolith Puzzle Solutions #1

I am trying to read the glyphs on the ancient monument when I feel a strange chill. A layer of frozen gas suddenly coats the monolith from bottom to top. It’s so cold that I can see my breath inside my helmet. There is one small gap in the crystal ice, and I feel convinced that I could feed some of my mined elements through it, so they can come into contact with the monolith behind.

In order to solve this, you basically need to insert x10 Carbon or x10 Iron. Once done, you will increase your Faction Reputation with Vy’keen and receive a commodity item.

No Man’s Sky Monolith Puzzle Solutions #2

I see a strange vision. A small terrified creature emerges from the monolith and runs between my legs. I hear the noises of an ancient hunt: the howls of pack animals in pursuit and the thunder of hooves. Warriors on vast beasts charge through the rock, and amidst the chaos one sees me staring. It raises its facial tendrils in greeting, barks a few words and swings a bladed weapon down towards me.

In order to solve this puzzle, you basically need to grab weapon which will reward you with a new Multi-Tool and increase your Faction Reputation with Vy’keen.

No Man’s Sky Monolith Puzzle Solutions #3

The body of a warrior emerges from the obelisk, a jagged tear in their midriff suggesting that the dangerous-looking multi-tool that sits in their hand was not enough to save them. The surface of the sculpted rock blurs and shows images of military worship. It’s trying to tell me something.

For this Monolith Puzzle, there are two solutions. You can either take the Multi-Tool and leave which will reward you with a new Multi-Tool, but at the cost of some Vy’keen reputation. Alternatively, you can bury the soldier and the Multi-Tool to earn some more Vy’keen Reputation as well as learn a new Atlas Word.

No Man’s Sky Monolith Puzzle Solutions #4

I place my palm on the monolith, then stand back when it melts in response to my touch. Molten rock drips down the stone, exposing a hollow interior. Inside, I see riches that are beyond belief. Ancient technologies and cargo that would aid my journey. Lava continues to drop, and the edifice seems unstable, but equipment that could aid me is within arm’s reach. Suddenly, the voice of an ancient tribe shakes the ground I stand on…

Like previous No Man’s Sky Monolith Puzzle, there are a couple of solutions that you can try. Firstly, if you stand back, you will receive a commodity item and some Faction Reputation for Vy’keen. Alternatively, if you reach in, you will lose Vy’keen reputation and receive perma-damage to your exosuit.

Korvax Monolith Puzzles

No Man’s Sky Monolith Puzzle Solutions #1

I feel faint, as if my mind is being invaded. Pustules on my skin grow, bubble and pop – and I feel countless tiny stabbing pin-pricks scrabbling from each gaping hole. Suddenly metal spiders, perhaps tiny Sentinels, run up my shoulder and into my visor. Can this be real? This cannot be real. I start to scream.

For this puzzle, you simply need to wait and you will learn a new Atlas Word and earn some Faction Reputation with Korvax – as simple as that!

No Man’s Sky Monolith Puzzle Solutions #2

Tiny floating tetrahedrons emerge from the planet’s surface and surround me. I try to wave them away with my multi-tool, but each time they swam closer to it – as if attracted to it somehow. I raise my multi-tool, and they shimmer blue as they dart this way and that. Closer and closer. They are within touching distance of my multi-tool. They make one final surge…

If you let the tetrahedrons in, you will not only get a new Multi-Tool blueprint and learn a new Atlas Word, but will also increase your Korvax Faction Reputation.

No Man’s Sky Monolith Puzzle Solutions #3

I begin to feel dizzy. A strange lethargy comes over me, and I feel compelled to lie down in front of the ancient relic. This place feels calming. It feels like home, whatever that might have been. I know that if I truly wanted to fight the impulse to sleep I probably could, but I feel warm and comfortable basking in the glow of the ancient Ruin.

For this puzzle, you can either resit in order to force the monolith’s power to fade away or sleep in order to gain full HP.

Gek Monolith Puzzles

No Man’s Sky Monolith Puzzle Solutions #1

I’m inspecting the monolith’s surface when, suddenly, a ragged silicon claw grabs me. Despite being broken and fragmented, it holds me tight while an ancient metallic beak emerges from the living rock. It shouts in an ancient tongue, unaware of who or what I am.

You basically need to give x10 Heridium in order to increase your Gek Faction Reputation and learn a new Atlas Word.

This guide is currently a work-in-progress! We will continue to add more No Man’s Sky Monolith Puzzle Solutions in future.

This is all we have on our No Man’s Sky Monolith Puzzle Solutions Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!