New Developer Video Highlights Overwatch Season 2 Changes

Jeff Kaplan promised and now he is intent on delivering on those promises. In a recent and lengthy developer update video, Jeff talked about many of the changes being made to the Competitive gameplay for Overwatch Season 2.

Overwatch Season 2

The developers will radically change the Skill Rating system being used right now. Instead of the current Skill range of 1 to 100, Overwatch Season 2 will have a range of 1 to 5,000. A broader skill range ensures that even if a player loses a skill rank, it doesn’t feel as if they have dropped down significantly.

We don’t want to have that debilitating feeling that players have when they lose something in the game. Right now, that 52 Skill Rating player feels just awful when they drop down to 51. We want to get rid of that feeling.

With the new Skill Rating system in place, Overwatch Season 2 will also implement a tiered system which rewards based on the tier a player has reached instead of their Skill Rating. A good example of a similar system is the Ranked system in Rainbow Six Siege where everyone in, lets say Silver tier gets the same reward irrespective of their Silver ranking.

Another new exciting change with the tier system is that whenever a player reaches a certain tier, no matter how many matches they lose they will not drop down to a lower tier, although their Skill Rating will go down.

This however doesn’t apply to Master and Grand Master tiers and players in those can drop down. Additionally, players in Diamond, Master and Grand Master will also be subject to a skill decay system and they will lose 50 skill rating points every 24 hours if they don’t play competitive for seven days.

As Blizzard announced earlier, Overwatch Season 2 will also be removing the Sudden Death mode which felt a bit unfair in most of the maps. This will however mean that there are now possibilities of a tie between both teams resulting in everyone getting a few skill rating points.

The first season will end on 18th August and season 2 is scheduled to begin on 6th September. Rewards players will receive based on their ranking are listed here.

Blizzard also recently changed the description for Loot Boxes after fans complained about not being able to buy Summer Games skins with in-game credits.