Mafia 3 Gamescom Trailer: Time to Rob the Federal Reserve

Mafia 3 is the most promising open world of this Fall. It brings a rich and vibrant world filled with opportunity. That is exactly what our lead Lincoln Clay came looking for in New Bordeaux. However, while looking for opportunity he lost those he loved and considered family.

Up until now we knew why he was out for revenge but we did not knew of the reasons Sal Marcano murdered Lincoln’s family. Hangar 13 has released a Mafia 3 Gamescom trailer that highlights what happened. It looks like Lincoln got in partnership with the wrong people or rather, his family did.

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The video shows early sections of the game where Lincoln Clay and his partner are working for Sal Marcano. They rob the federal reserve for Sal Marcano and when it is time to divide the money, Marcano and Lincoln’s partner kill Clay’s family and shoot him as well.

Unfortunately for Sal Marcano, Clay survived and is now out for revenge. I personally would have prefered to find this out within the game and not through a gameplay video, still, it does excite you for the game’s final release.

And speaking of, Mafia 3 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 7. Pre orders are now live across all platforms. You can head over to Steam, PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace.

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