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Injustice 2 Poll Ended With A Surprise Result, StarFire Beat Constantine

While DC characters might not be getting love on the big screen, but for the video games it is another story. The fans are stoked to get their hands on Injustice 2, but the game will not release until next year.

However, Creative Director for Injustice 2, ED Boon, is keeping the fans busy, and also wants to add those DC characters to the game that fans want the most. In order to achieve that Boon posted a poll, which asked fans to vote for the character they want to see in the game.

The poll included three names: Constantine, Starfire and Black Manta. Well the fans voted and the results have been finalized. The result was kind of surprising as the winner is Starfire, because Starfire is not as popular as Black Manta or Constantine. But, who am I to say anything on the matter as fans have clearly chosen what they want.

Starfire got 43 percent votes in the poll while behind her is Constantine with 32 percent votes. While Black Manta managed to secure only 25 percent of votes.

Injustice 2 is in development at NetherRealm Studio and is scheduled to release in 2017 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.