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FIFA 17 Pro Club Gets A Number of Improvements

The FIFA 17 Pro Club game mode will be getting a number of improvements when the game releases late in September. The mode is intended to help FIFA owners develop their players as they make their way through the Premiere League and every other soccer league available in the game.

The FIFA 17 Pro Club is a mechanic that was improved and implemented in response to fan feedback from other FIFA games. Also included in the Club are custom kits and crests to bring a new way to customize your players and club as you go. With the custom kits and crests, you can make your own badge, design your team’s uniforms, and more.

In FIFA 17, the Pro Club is based on your overall match rating in order to foster teamwork and cooperation between your players. This will help the immersion of real FIFA football, where teamwork is important to help your team to victory.

The way this works is that after you complete a match, you are assigned a match rating from 1 to 10. Depending on the positions that you play during the game, that player’s qualities will go up and different speeds. For example, a striker will level up their shooting faster than their defending.

Along with their attributes, you’ll also be leveling their traits to give them skills like dribbling, passing, shooting, or goalkeeping.

Each of these traits will cost a certain number of skill points, which you can earn by playing League or Cup matches.

The FIFA 17 Pro Club mechanic is only one of the many game modes and mechanics that the game will have as you play through its career mode and its story mode, called The Journey. With all of the customization options that you’ve got, the possibilities for what all you can do are nearly endless.