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Battlefield 1 Gamescom Trailer Breakdown, Everything You Might Have Missed!

EA finally released the Battlefield 1 Gamescom Trailer yesterday and it was filled to the brim with lots of new information and potentially amazing gameplay moments. Alongside new information, the trailer also expanded upon some of the stuff that was previously revealed such as more insight into horse riding and behemoth vehicles.

The trailer begins with a dead soldier falling off of a trotting horse indicating that similar to jeeps and bikes from previous games, players can be killed while on horseback without killing the horse itself which also creates the possibility of taking someone else’s horse.

Battlefield 1 Trailer Breakdown

The bulk of the trailer was set on the Sinai Desert map which will also be available in the upcoming Battlefield 1 beta. From the looks of things, cavalry will be playing a huge part in this map and that is why players on horseback can perform different unique actions as well as switch between long range rifles and swords for close range cavalry charges. Players can also use explosives while on horses.

The Battlefield 1 Gamescom trailer also revealed the 2nd of the total three Elite classes expected to be in the launch version of the game.

Known as the Sentry Elite class, players who get fortunate enough to become one will be equipped with a heavy machinegun that can easily mow down all sorts of enemies and will be protected by heavy armor plating that even protects them from sniper headshots. A more detailed look at the Flamethrower elite class was also shown.

A much more destructible environment than Battlefield 4 was also shown with explosions not only creating craters and building debris but also kicking up desert sand which affects vision. Dynamic weather is also making a return in the form of a sandstorm on this specific map. Another map, possibly set in France with destruction in city streets was also shown for a brief period.

Battlefield 1 Gamescom trailer also gave the highly anticipated armored Train some more screen time as it rolled across the map destroying tanks and infantry while airplanes tried to destroy the train. From the looks of things, the train is also equipped with some anti-air weapons to counter those planes as well.

The other remaining behemoth vehicle, Dreadnaught ship was also featured as attack boats and fighter planes fired torpedoes at it.

Some of the new weapons shown in the trailer include M1903 Springfield rifle, Borchardt C93, and Steyer M1912 pistols.

At the end of the trailer, there was also a sneak peek at the singleplayer mode of the game with what seemed like a German soldier trying to kill someone related to Lawrence of Arabia.