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Battlefield 1 Elite Classes, What You Need To Know

Battlefield 1 is on its way to release in October, and DICE is gearing up to reveal more and more details about the game.

Traditionally there always have been classes in the multiplayer of Battlefield games. While Battlefield 1 will also have these classes, but DICE is adding something extra to it something similar to Hero system of  Star Wars Battlefront.

In addition to the usual classes, Battlefield 1 will also have elite classes, which are buffed-up infantry units equipped with devastating weapons that, if used effectively, can help turn the tide of battle.

There are total of three Elite Classes the Flame Trooper, the Sentry, and the Tank Hunter. While DICE have certainly given us a glimpse of these elite classes through screenshots and trailers, but now they has revealed info about them.

The Flame Trooper wears a fire resistant suit and carries a big and powerful flamethrower. As he wears a gas mask this limits the field of view for the player and also slows it down too. This class is best dealt from a distance.

The Sentry, of which we got a glimpse in the new trailer, is a fully armored knight equipped with a water-cooled machine gun. This tank like class can take a lot of damage and dishes out even more. This character does not wear a mask but its face is covered with a metal plate so if player can get close enough they can take the advantage.

The last but not the least, The Tank Hunter class is designed to take out armour from a distance. This class uses a 1918 Tankgewehr which can only the fired if the player in prone position. The rifle is designed to take out critical parts of a tank. One shot from this rifle can take out the tank tracks.

Battlefield 1 is scheduled to release on October 21, and an Open beta for the game will take place in late August for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.