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Quantum Break Had a Song by Poets of the Fall But Complications Occured

Quantum Break released on Xbox One Windows 10 PC earlier this year. It was developed by Remedy Entertainment, the same studio that worked on the popular Alan Wake series.

Remedy Entertainment is also known for using songs of Poets of the Fall in its game. Same was to be the case with Quantum Break, however, devs decided not to include it. According to a recent tweet from Sam Lake, Remedy Entertainment had a Poets of the Fall song lined up for Quantum Break.

May be the Remedy would use their song in the next Alan Wake.

On a related note, Quantum Break is now coming to Steam and one wonders if there is still time to add this song to the main game? Well, song or no song the priority must be to release an ironed out version of the game.

Windows 10 version was a playable but buggy exprience but we hope Steam version is improved. In fact, Remedy assured the community recently that both Windows 10 and Steam version will keep getting new updates to fix and improve.

The confirmation came after some confusion over the situation. However, Thomas Poha came forward to clarify:

Clarifying that, of course, updates made to QB on Steam will also be released for the Win10 version and vice versa. That should be a given.

Head over here to read more about what he had to say.