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How Pokemon Sun and Moon Hyper Training Works

With Pokemon Sun and Moon, The Pokemon Company is introducing a new way to increase the power of your Pokemon. Devs have added a feature called Hyper Training. You can draw forth a Pokémon’s power to its utmost limit with Pokemon Sun and Moon Hyper Training.

As you know, Pokemon get stronger by raising their level and base stats. However, their power is still affected by the individual strengths innate to each Pokémon. But with the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, trainers can increase individual stats of Pokemon that have grown past level 100.

Meaning you can increase the strength of level 100 Pokemon you have.

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Bottle Caps: The Key to Hyper Training

Hyper Training feature is enabled by Mr. Hyper. The man loves to collect Bottle Caps that are your key Hyper Training in Pokemon Sun and Moon. You will need to find him somewhere in the Alola region. You will need to collect bottle caps in Pokemon Sun and Moon and once you have enough, you can visit Mr. Hyper and he will help you Hyper Train your level 100 Pokemon.

Furthermore, The Magearna you will be able to get holds a bottle cap. Get Magearna on your team to try Hyper Training yourself.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will release for 3DS in November. You can also get a Limited Edition Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS Bundle if you are looking for a new 3DS.