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No Man’s Sky Xbox One Version Hinted In PC Version’s Files

No Man’s Sky has been released on PlayStation 4 and PC with great financial success and not so great critical success. Hello Games has not shared any plans to bring the game on Xbox One.

However, it looks like No Man’s Sky Xbox One version might become a reality.

The PC version of No Man’s Sky has been data mined, and the files reveal some interesting things about the game. According to a NeoGaf user, Dragonbane, there is a possibility of No Man’s Sky Xbox One version.

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Will No Man’s Sky make its way to Xbox One is unknown but it seems that it has not been ruled out by the game director, Sean Murray. In a recent interview with Daily Star, Sean Murray said that he was not sure about what he is allowed to reveal on the matter.

When Sean Murray was asked about whether No Man’s Sky will come to Xbox One, he gave quite a coy response. He said that he was not sure what he was “actually allowed to say” and that he needed to be “very specific with words”.

However, before the conversation could go any further, Sony’s representative stepped in explaining that at the time, there was nothing more to add.

Since the rights to No Man’s Sky belong to Hello Games and they have also self published the title for PC and PlayStation 4. It seems likely that the studio is considering No Man’s Sky Xbox One version.

In related news, the release of No Man’s Sky on PC has not been a stellar one, as the game have many issues and the most annoying being the game crashing. However, if the game is crashing on your system, it is possible that it is not Hello Game’s fault. The reason for the game to crash on PC is the lack of SSE4.1 support.

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