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No Man’s Sky Endings Guide

No Man’s Sky Endings Guide to help you uncover what endings in the game mean and clear any misconceptions that you might have.

In No Man’s Sky, players can choose to go down on different paths while exploring the massive universe. Each of these paths has its own outcomes and consequences which goes out to prove that the game’s narrative is as deep as the universe it is set in.

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No Man’s Sky Endings Guide

Do, however, note that the guide contains potential spoilers and if you are looking forward to discovering everything on your own, stop reading.

Our No Man’s Sky Endings Guide details everything you need to know about different endings in the game.

No Man’s Sky – Cutting Ties with Atlas

From the very start of the game, you will come across Atlas. There is no telling what or who Atlas really is! A god, an ancient power, or whatever. However, you will soon discover that the Atlas can reach you directly through mind and can speak with you.

No matter where you are in the Universe, the Atlas is always watching your actions and guiding you. During the course of your journey, you will come to know that the Atlas is some sort of ancient wisdom that helped create civilizations.

Throughout the game, the Atlas will directly speak to you and ask you to gain knowledge and explore in its name. However, you can cut all ties with it if you decide to do so. This does not have any drastic circumstances. Do, however, note that after doing it, you will not get any guidance from the Atlas.

No Man’s Sky – Become the Atlas

As I have mentioned earlier, there are no drastic circumstances if you decide to cut lose all ties with the Atlas, but what happens if you continue to do what it says? As you progress through the game, you will come to realize that the Atlas is not just one ancient being or a single god, but a collection of all those who came before you in the search of truth.

This bright light grows with discoveries and knowledge of the galaxies which is why it requires you to explore and gain knowledge of the universe. In order to go down this path, you will need to have x10 Atlas Cores.

Once you have them, you will be able to create a new star and travel to it. There you will start the game anew with you being a part of the Atlas. You will retain all your upgrades, technologies, and will set out on a never-ending journey to finding the truth in the universe.

No Man’s Sky – The Center of the Universe

This is something that is yet to be discovered. Now that we know what the Atlas actually is, it will be interesting to see what mystery does the center of the universe beholds. We will make sure to update the guide as we gather more information regarding the center of the universe.

This is all we have on our No Man’s Sky Endings Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!