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Overwatch Tickrate Improved With High Bandwidth Servers

High bandwidth Overwatch servers have come into play thanks to Blizzard. Fan feedback demanded Overwatch tickrate improvements so Blizzard is stepping up.

Overwatch tickrate was set to 21 updates per second but it has now been boosted to 63 updates per second which is the frequency on which the servers updates.

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When we implemented the “High Bandwidth” option to Custom Games back in beta, we also noted that—if the feature performed well and players responded positively to it—we would investigate adding it to other games modes.

We’re holding to that promise and are currently in the process of rolling out high bandwidth support globally for PC. This process may take a few weeks for all regions, but once fully deployed all games including those in Quick Play and Competitive Play will be running in high bandwidth mode by default.

The update will reduce the amount of time between when you complete an action and when your client hears back about the result. As a result, your game will feel more responsive.

There is some bad news though as the feature is only available on PC. However, Overwatch tickrate improvements will come to consoles as well. According to Blizzard, it is exploring options on how to achieve this.

As soon Blizzard has more to share in this regard, we’ll let you know.

Overwatch is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.