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No Man’s Sky PC Issues Tank Steam Reviews, Mostly Negative

It seems that there are a large number of No Man’s Sky PC issues plaguing the PC version of the game, which just came out today after coming out Tuesday for the Playstation 4. The issues are apparently so bad, even, that they’ve tanked the game’s Steam reviews, making it “Mostly negative.”

No Man’s Sky’s PC version was delayed several months ago, which caused many of the team at Hello Games to get death threats. While we have no idea of what actually caused the delay, apparently the delay wasn’t long enough for Hello to make sure that the game ran well on PC.

According to the Steam reviews, the various No Man’s Sky PC issues include stuttering (the game apparently can only hit 30 even after setting the framerate to cap at 60. Audio problems are also rampant.

While it’s likely that a number of other PC gamers won’t have any No Man’s Sky PC issues while playing it, there are still a number of other reviews on the game’s Steam page that think much differently.

Of course, this isn’t really anything new for gaming. With the sheer size of the PC market there are a wide variety of different components that would go into a PC, and a wide variety of various PC brands. Whether No Man’s Sky has issues with your computer or not all essentially comes down to the luck of the draw. Such is one of the flaws of PC gaming.

Also, it’s worth mentioning here that most of the review are based on people disappointed in not being able to launch the game or not get the optimum performance so things might get better with time.

If you’d bought No Man’s Sky in anticipation of being able to play it immediately, unfortunately you may have to wait for a good while before Hello Games patches the game well enough to run properly (or at least close to it) on everything.

In the meanwhile, you can refer to our No Man’s Sky troubleshooting guide to find the general fixes.