The Cause Of No Man’s Sky Crashes On PC Is Due To Lack Of SSE4.1 Support

No Man’s Sky has been launched on PC with some serious performance issues. However, it is not the only issue the game faces, as No Man’s Sky is reportedly crashing constantly for some PC users. As it turns out it is not the fault of Hello Game developers, but the cause of No Man’s Sky crashes is due to the lack of SSE4.1 support.

According to a Reddit thread, the cause of No Man’s Sky crash of PCs is due to the lack of lack of SSE4.1 support. In thread steps to find out if your system does not have SSE4.1 support have also been posted.

However, the thread notes that these steps to determine the lack of SSE4.1 support will not work properly on any OS other than Window 10. So to determine whether your system does or does not have SSE4.1 support follow the steps below.

The thread also notes that, following the steps will make the commands executable, but there will not be any playable performance. But this will determine that a recompile of No Mans’s Sky with legacy SSE support is needed from Hello Games.

In related news, No Man’s Sky is a type of game that does not appeal to everyone, and Hello Games is ok with all the hate the game is receiving and some people not liking the game. According to the studio, they have made their peace with it in the five year development of No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky is a space exploration game and is available for PlayStation 4 and PC.