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New DOTA 2 Heroes Revealed at The International 2016

During The International 2016, Valve confirmed that Monkey King AKA Sun Wukong and Underlord are headed to DOTA 2 in the upcoming major update.

After the last night’s DOTA 2 All-Star Match, the fans were asked to stay after the match for a ‘Special Announcement’. During the All-Star Match, drums were set up around the arena with performers all around the stage.

DOTA 2 New Heroes

Soon afterwards, Monkey King AKA Sun Wukong was revealed with a brand new trailer – you can find both video footages for the both performance and trailer attached below, courtesy of DOTA 2 Rapier.

For those who do not know, Monkey King AKA Sun Wukong was a hero that was a secret boss in the original DOTA. He was added as a boss a few years ago, but we did not hear anything concrete from Valve ever since.

In addition to this, Underlord was also shown and announced that he will release on Aug. 23, 2016 alongside a UI update. With the addition of Underlord, the roster of DOTA 2 is now complete with every character from the original Warcraft III mod.

As for the Monkey King, he will be the part of the New Journey update which is scheduled to release sometime this fall. While we do know much about the New Journey update, it may have something to have with 7.0 update.

In related DOTA 2 news, the game’s forum was recently hacked which exposed about 2 million usernames, passwords, and e-mail addresses. Despite Valve being silent on the matter, it is highly recommended that you change your credentials to stay safe. To read up more, head over to the post!

What are your thoughts on Monkey King and Underlord joining the roster of DOTA 2? Let us know in the comments section below!