TitanFall 2 Campaign is a Love Child of Doom and Wolfenstein

One of EA’s major shooters to release this year, Titanfall 2, is going to feature a single player campaign inspired by Doom and Wolfenstein. According to designer Mackey McCandlish, he wasn’t supportive of TitanFall 2 campaign but it could turn to be an excellent addition.

As you know, the first Titanfall lacked a single player mode and was criticized for it. The multiplayer aspect was good but the overall game begged an offline story mode that gave everything a context and meaning. EA and Respawn learned from the shortcoming of Titanfall and took action.

I think for a while people thought that you needed an MMO experience and loot to be single player. There is sort of trendline into Destiny, The Division, and Borderlands. And I think in recent times with Doom, and maybe Wolfenstein before that, people have started to say, ‘No no, we did like this other thing that was totally just about you and not about grinding.’ I think it’s something that we do well so we’re bringing that to Titanfall.

Single player campaigns are an integral part of modern games and even though we are seeing many seamless online MP experiences, story modes will always remain important.

Of course, many games are successful without a story mode.

We have Overwatch as an example but even with Overwatch Blizzard released animated shorts to provide context and some form of story to the game.

Titanfall 2 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in October. It is no longer a Xbox and Windows exclusive but we may see some exclusive content for Xbox.

Are you excited for TitanFall 2 Campaign?

Source: IGN