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Titanfall 2 Campaign Length Will Be Eight Hours, But It Is A Solid Campaign

The first Titanfall game was an excellent multiplayer game, but the only thing it lacked was a single-player campaign.

However, Respawn Entertainment listened to their fans and included a single-player campaign in Titanfall 2. Now the developers has shared the Titanfall 2 campaign length.

Titanfall 2 Campaign Length

During the preview event held in Los Angeles Executive Producer, Drew McCoy, explained the Titanfall 2 campaign length and its pacing.

“There’s a lot of downtime. There’s no dialogue or explosions for minutes at a time.”

Game Director, Steve Fukuda, said that the campaign for Titanfall 2 is a very strong one. He also said that Titanfall 2 campaign length will be almost eight hours depending on players play style and the difficulty.

“It’ll be plus or minus [eight hours], depending on how good you are or the level of difficulty you’re playing on. It’s a very solid campaign, though.”

In related news, according to designer Mackey McCandlish, Titanfall 2 is a love child of Doom and Wolfenstien.

“I think in recent times with Doom, and maybe Wolfenstein before that, people have started to say, ‘No no, we did like this other thing that was totally just about you and not about grinding.’ I think it’s something that we do well so we’re bringing that to Titanfall.”

Titanfall 2 also features dialogue trees, which was shown in a recent preview of Titanfall 2 singleplayer campaign. However, Game Director Steve Fukuda have clarified that the choices do not change the outcome of the game and are only there to give you a fun way to banter with BT.

Respawn Entertainment has announced the Multiplayer gameplay reveal for Titanfall 2 on August 16, and also teased that details about Titanfall 2 beta will soon be revealed. The multiplayer reveal of the game will be streamed live direct from GamesCom 2016.

Titanfall is a first person shooter game and will release on October 28 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Stevivor.