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Riot Goes After LeagueSharp Botting Service After it Threatened Riot Employee

Botting has become a major issue for League of Legends and it looks like Riot Games has decided to take action. The company is going after one of the biggest botting services, LeagueSharp.

LeagueSharp is a paid cheating service that is available with different subscription options. It sounds odd that someone would actually pay to cheat in a game but as hard as it is to believe, it is true. Players mostly use this service to make money, in fact.

Botters level up their accounts and than sell them for a profit. Riot Games has now decided to go after LeagueSharp.

The botting service is designed for those users that wish to make money by creating and selling accounts that have been artificially leveled. Riot is informed and believes, and on that basis alleges, that tens of thousand of people currently subscribe to L#, and that Defendants generate hundreds of thousands of dollars each month in connection with L#.

The lawsuit mentions that LeagueSharp Botting service is damaging League of Legends. Riot’s goal is to provide players a fair and enjoyable experience and LeagueSharp botting is a major hurdle.

Riot Games tried to settle the matter outside the court of law. However, all attempts to contact LeagueSharp owners were met with silence. On top of that, LeagueSharp reps threatened one of Riot’s employees on social media.

The threat didn’t sit well with Riot and the company decided to take them to court. Soon after, LeagueSharp started to erase all evidence from social media, Riot claims in the lawsuit document.

Riot wants preliminary and permanent injunctions with all LeagueSharp services shut down. League of Legends creator also looks for financial damages and legal costs.