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Quantum Break Steam Version Will Be Better than Microsoft Store Edition

Update: It looks like Poha meant that updates released for Steam will also come to Windows 10 version, when he said that we are unlikely to release updates for Windows 10.

Exceptional communication from the head of communications.

Clarifying that, of course, updates made to QB on Steam will also be released for the Win10 version and vice versa. That should be a given.

Apologies for the confusion caused. We are not leaving one version behind for another. Parity is important. Again, I’d think that’s a given

Original Story: Quantum Break Steam version is going to be better than what we had on Microsoft Store. According to Thomas Poha, the studio has “a lot more experience in shipping DX11 titles.” This means that Steam will offer a better and optimized version of Remedy’s title.

One wonders if users who bought the copy from Microsoft Store should get codes for Steam version. In fact, when asked about this, Poha said that they don’t make such decisions.

It is disappointed and frankly, infuriating, to see Microsoft once again failing with Microsoft Store versions.

Microsoft can not compete with Steam if Microsoft Store games run poorly. DX12 is a huge advantage to Microsoft Store but so far DX12 games have somehow managed to under perform compared to DX11. It is most probably due to the fact that devs don’t have much experience with it so we expect things to get better in a couple of years.

As for Quantum Break of Microsoft Store, the game is unlikely to get more updates on Windows 10. This means that you are stuck with a buggy game with not much hope for a fix. Quantum Break on Windows 10 has its issues but overall it is a playable game but it is best not to expect more patches.

Remedy Entertainment stated: “It is unlikely we release another Windows 10 patch.”

Do you think Quantum Break Steam version should be free for Microsoft Store owners? What are your thoughts on Microsoft Store vs Steam? Share what you think in the comment below.