Over a Million UK Players Have Spent on Pokemon Go In-App Purchases Compared to 10 Million in US

According to a latest survey, more than a million Pokemon Go players in UK have spent on in-app purchases.

Conducted by UK polling company YouGov, the survey gathered data from 25,000 people and reported some interesting details about Pokemon Go that has become a global phenomenon.

Pokemon Go Survey

According to the survey, 13% of UK’s population – about 6.1 million adults – downloaded the app since its inception on Jul. 14, 2016. Out of these people, 13% left playing the game and 5.3 million are still playing it:

Pokemon Go Survey - Usage

Coming to in-app purchases, more than 250,000 players have spent more than 15 GBP, 150,000 players have spent over 30 GBP, and 7,000 players have spent over 75 GBP on in-game items:

Pokemon Go Survey - Microtransactions

Out of all the people questioned for the survey, 33% were over 35 years old and 4% were over 55.

A similar Pokemon Go Survey conducted in the US revealed 34.3 million players who downloaded the app and 30.8 million who played it last week.

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Coming to US in-app purchases, more than 10 million players spent money on in-game items which is clearly way more than players in UK. It was also found that US players were younger as compared to UK players:

“It is a mistake to think that this is just a fad for young people. Our data makes it clear that not only have a lot of people downloaded the game [but] the vast majority are still playing it.”

There are quite a lot of interesting details revealed by the survey so make sure to head over to YouGov official website for more information!

Pokemon Go is now available on iOS and Android based smartphone devices.