No Man’s Sky PC Release Times Now Available

If you’ve been waiting for the No Man’s Sky PC release times, you don’t have to worry. Eurogamer has now brought up exactly when the game will unlock for PC players, and even includes the times at various other locations around the world.

The PC version of No Man’s Sky was delayed due to unknown circumstances (which actually caused a few members of the dev team to get death threats from certain thin-skinned gamers), but now, three days after the Playstation 4 version came out, it’s almost time.

According to Eurogamer, the game will be releasing at 10 AM tomorrow morning, August 12, at least for United States citizens on the West Coast. East Coast players will have to wait until 1 PM. 10 AM in the United States is also 6 PM in the United Kingdom, so UK players will be able to play the game tonight. Our tonight, not theirs.

Unfortunately, the No Man’s Sky PC release doesn’t include preloading, so you’ll have to wait patiently while you download all ten gigs of the game when your own release time hits.

You also probably shouldn’t use the pre-order ship first. Apparently the No Man’s Sky PC release has a slight glitch where using the pre-order ship will cause you to skip a part of the tutorial that tells you how to build a hyperdrive. Eurogamer advises you to wait until you get the tutorial for that, and then switch to the pre-order ship.

Speaking of the pre-order ships, depending on what region you’re in, you’ll likely have a different ship name than someone in another part of the world, but the ships will still look the same. It’s a minor detail, but anything to keep someone from freaking out.

Either way, there’s not much longer to wait until No Man’s Sky releases on PC. Hopefully, by this time tomorrow, the universe that the game holds within it will be crowded (well, relatively speaking) with millions of players across the globe.