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No Man’s Sky Exploit Allows You To Multiply Resources

A new No Man’s Sky exploit will likely allow you to get resources a lot faster, cutting down on the amount of time that you’ll have to spend wandering around planets if you want to upgrade things or buy/build new ships. With this exploit, you’ll also likely have more than enough resources to reach the center of the universe, which is the object of the game (along with exploration).

In order to use the No Man’s Sky exploit, all you have to do is make a save, and then die. After that, go to the place where you died and pick up your stuff, and you’ll get all of your inventory back. If you reload the save and head back to your body again, you’ll be able to get even more loot, and so you’ll be able to grab as much loot as you can likely carry.

With all of these resources, you could probably find a big vein of gold, mine it, die, reload, and then continue the process until you have enough money to buy any ship in the game, not to mention the resources you need to build everything necessary for your journey (and some stuff that isn’t!).

The only limit that there is to this No Man’s Sky exploit is the number of save slots that you have. If you have enough, you can do this as many times as you want to as long as you keep saving. You could likely even delete old saves to keep doing this in new saves.

If you want to try out the exploit for yourself, you should probably hurry. The game’s just released, and with Hello Games getting a number of other bug reports, it’s likely that this won’t escape their notice either. You’ll likely only have a limited time before it’s fixed.