New Nintendo NX Patent Gives Hints of New Control Device

A new Nintendo NX patent that was leaked onto the internet shows yet another accessory that will apparently be coming out with the Nintendo NX when it releases sometime next year. According to the patent diagrams, the accessory is a four-button interface that attaches to a Wii U-like screen.

If the diagram is correct, it’s likely that the NX will be yet another tablet interface sort of console, much like the Wii U, but what it intends to do with the interface if it needs a four-button accessory remains to be seen. The tablet itself could be an accessory while the console has other kinds of controllers, considering that the age of touch is now mainly a mobile thing while motion control has fallen by the wayside.

Then again, the Nintendo NX is also getting a partnership with Pixart, which will have a heart monitor built into the console, we may be continuing motion control and infrared cameras for the time being. The button device that is detailed in the patent also has to be slotted into the tablet, so we may be looking at Wii U tilt controls.

The new Nintendo NX patent isn’t the first one for Nintendo’s upcoming console that’s been leaked. At least two others that talk about Amiibo support have also been leaked several months prior to now, showing that Nintendo is continuing the goldmine that is Amiibos for other upcoming games.

This is supported by the announcement that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will support three amiibos, including the Twilight Princess HD Wolf Link amiibo.

The Nintendo NX isn’t supposed to be releasing until sometime in early 2017. The new Nintendo NX patent that you can see here will likely be explained further when the console is officially announced, but until then we’ll have to wait.