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Hello Games: No Man’s Sky Patch Will Release Soon To Solve Critical Issues

No Man;s Sky has been released and gamers all over the world are having a blast exploring its massive universe. However, like many games No Man’s Sky also launched with issues and bugs. Thankfully, Hello games has announced that they will release a No Man’s Sky patch as soon as possible.

Hello Games founder, Sean Murray, posted on the game’s website, that the team is tracking a number of issues and bugs and they are working to resolve them.

We’re tracking a number of issues, bugs and crashes that players are reporting, and working to resolve [them] as soon as possible.

According to Murray, Hello Games have been overwhelmed by unexpectedly high number of gamers playing the game. He said that the team is working quickly to adapt to the situation.

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Sean Murray said this  No Man’s Sky patch will resolve critical issues of the game. Though he did not provide any information regarding the patch and the issues that it will resolve.

According to Murray, the reason they can’t give details about the patch is that the team is working on PC version.

We can’t give you an ETA [on the PlayStation 4 patch] as frustrating as that is, because we’re also still working to get the PC release live.

However, Sean Murray has provided some workarounds to issues until the No Man’s Sky patch is released. He pointed out that if the player is stuck somewhere, they can use their jet pack forever as long as they are pushing against a surface.

He also noted that if the player’s ship is stuck somewhere then head to one of the larger outposts. The outpost will have a beacon that will summon the ship.

No Man’s Sky is a first person space exploration game exclusively for PC, and PlayStation 4.