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DOOM Score Attack Mode Will Arrive Soon, Players Can Expect New Playlists

Doom has been released and fans are enjoying the bloody and gory fun the game has to offer. id Software intends to add more content to the game, and recently the game’s first DLC, Unto the Evil, released. However, Doom score attack mode is also coming soon, according to game director.

DOOM Score Attack Mode

Speaking with Gamereactor, game director, Marty Stratton, said that multiple DLCs for Doom are planned. He also said that the team is currently working on Doom score attack mode.

On the multiplayer side, multiple new DLCs coming, more free modes for people, the mutators. And on the campaign side we’re experimenting with some stuff. We’re working on a score / time attack arcadey kind of way to go back [and play the game].

He further said that the team is not trying to create same old content, and they are striving to push things ahead from visual and gameplay perspective.

We’re not just trying to create the same old same old from what we released even then [back at launch], we’re trying to push all types of different things from a gameplay perspective, from a visual perspective.

He further added that players will find the maps that will be released over time different in terms of visual and style.

I think people will find visually and stylistically, thematically, a lot of differences in the maps that we release over the course of the DLC, giving a lot of different options.

He also revealed that players can expect new playlists that will be introduced, which will add some “pretty wild variables”.

Looking forward players can expect to see some new playlists introduced that from time to time add some pretty wild variables to things that, you know, we’ll listen and get feedback on and maybe incorporate into the game, and maybe incorporate into a new playlist, a new mode.

DOOM is a first person shooter developed by id Software for PC, Xbox one and PlayStation 4.