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Details Revealed For New Destiny Arena Mode in Rise of Iron

Bungie has released a few details for the new Destiny arena mode that will be coming to the game with Rise of Iron, called “Archon’s Forge.” Located deep in the new Plaguelands area, the Archon’s Forge appears to be similar to the Prison of Elders that came with House of Wolves, and the Court of Oryx that came with The Taken King.

You probably won’t be able to miss the Archon’s Forge when you try and get into it. It’s apparently inside what Bungie terms a “giant flaming fortress”. Inside, players will fight off numerous waves of Fallen enemies. If they’re finished fast enough, a boss will appear to cap off the experience.

In Fallen society, an Archon is a sort of priest among the Fallen Houses, and interprets the will of their servitors. In the Plaguelands, Fallen that want to rise up in the ranks have to find a piece of SIVA technology to bring back to their superiors at the Forge, and fight for their rank.

It’s because of this technology that the Fallen are once again becoming a great danger, and stopping them is the plot of the DLC.

The new Destiny arena mode will also be giving players special Archon’s Forge armor, along with loot that’s specific to the Forge.

This can help players boost their Light level even more, much like how the Challenge of the Elders mode from the April update did.

Thankfully, unlike the more difficult areas of Prison of Elders, the new Destiny arena mode is a public space like the Court of Oryx. Other players will be able to jump in at any time, but if you die, you’ll be kicked back to the door while you wait for a player to revive you inside of it. So, it’s a good idea to take a fireteam into the place with you.