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Blizzard Talks About Upcoming World of Warcraft Expansions After Legion

Ahead of World of Warcraft: Legion release, Blizzard has talked about how many more expansions we can expect.

In a recent interview, Game Designers Jeremy Feasel and Jonathan LeCraft talked about future expansions plans for World of Warcraft after the game’s sixth expansion Legion.

World of Warcraft Expansions

According to Jeremy Feasel, the studio sees the game as evergreen. He said experience offered by World of Warcraft was different from traditional video games. He also said that Blizzard was interested in playing the game and the studio would continue delivering content for the game for as long as this interest lasted.

Furthermore, Feasel reiterated World of Warcraft was still going strong. Speaking of World of Warcraft: Legion expansion, Feasel spoke about a ton of content that the sixth expansion packs which makes it hard to put down.

“With WoW what we found is that we didn’t want to stop playing the game and therefore we didn’t want to stop making the game. So for as long as we’re interested in playing we’ll be interested in making it. As far as we can tell we’re still going strong, this expansion has a ton of stuff to do it’s really hard to put the beta down. Like you start playing and you always want to get the last upgrade, the last world quests in for your bounties and stuff, and it’s really engaging. So yeah, we don’t see the end quite yet.”

In relevant Legion news, Blizzard has challenged WoW players to find all the secrets that the sixth expansion beholds. According to Blizzard, the upcoming expansion holds so many secrets that at least one of it will take about 6 months to be discovered! To find out more, head over to the post!

World of Warcraft: Legion is scheduled to roll out later this month on Aug. 30, 2016 exclusively for PC.

Source: GameReactor.