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Console Version Of Batman The Telltale Series Has Some Major Issues

When Batman The Telltale Series was released it had some pretty serious issues on PC. However, PC is not the only system this game has issues with, as the game faces some issues on the console versions a well.

For the PC version Telltale released a patch for Batman The Telltale series that resolved these issues. However, many gamers reported that it did not resolved all the issues. The studio has announced that they will continue to monitor the performance of the game and will release a Mac version as well.

However, Batman the Telltale series is reportedly broken on the consoles as well. According to Digital Foundry, the game runs at 900p on the Sony machine and at 720p on the Microsoft console. Digital Foundry noted that while the split in resolution is common in consoles, but Telltale has set a record for the lowest resolution in a game for PS4 to date.

The developer would have also hold the record for the lowest resolution on Xbox One, but Ark Survival Evolved holds that record.

The tester noted that the lack for anti-aliasing on the PlayStation 4 version leads to jagged edges and aliased to a degree that are not often found on consoles. However, Xbox One version avoids this issues due to some “post-process anti-aliasing, resulting in a softer but cleaner presentation”. The tester further notes that “the results are remarkably poor when considering that previous Telltale adventures delivered a full 1080p on console”.

Digital Foundry also reports that “performance is remarkably low and inconsistent throughout the experience” and the frame rates can get as low as 15 frames per second from 60 FPS in a single scene. The firm notes these issues as “Frustrating”, especially given that the game uses Telltale’s new game engine.

Batman The Telltale Series is an episodic adventure game, and the first episode is available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.