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Bandai Namco Files Road To Boruto Trademark, A new Game Coming?

Bandai Namco has filed a new “Road to Boruto” trademark for its Naruto games indicating the games might finally be moving to a new chapter of the Naruto series. According to Anime News Network, new trademarks were filed until Road to Boruto and Narutimate Storm Trilogy.

Now that the main Naruto manga has finished its run, closing off the story of the titular character Naruto and this year’s Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 as the last in the game series, it makes sense for Bandai Namco to continue one of their most popular fighting games in at least some other capacity instead of completely benching it.

That new capacity might be linked to the newly started Boruto manga, which features Naruto’s son as the main character alongside a whole new generation of young ninjas. Bandai Namco seems to have had this plan in mind for some time now as the pre order bonuses for Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 included Boruto and Sarada, Sasuke’s daughter.

If the Road to Boruto game does end up being released, it can perhaps fill in the story gaps between the old Naruto series and the Boruto manga.

The Narutimate Storm Trilogy sounds like a remastered or repackaged version of the first three Ultimate Ninja Storm games on account of them being on old generation consoles. This way those who missed out on the games can try them on newer hardware with better visuals while those who played on Xbox 360 or PS3 can experience them again in an improved form.

Back in September 2015, Bandai Namco also filed trademarks titled “Narutimate Braves”, “Narutimate Blazing” and “Narutimate Wars” although none of those made it into a game so the possibility of Road to Boruto being made into a game is also not a 100 percent yet but it might be highly likely.

With Gamescom 2016 this close, perhaps we might hear something concrete from Bandai Namco.