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Sega Detailed Yakuza 6 Prologue Along With Some New Screenshots

Yakuza 6 is scheduled to release later this year exclusively for PlayStation 4, and Sega is gearing up to generate hype among its fans. Sega has detailed the Yakuza 6 prologue along with some stunning screenshots

It is important to mention that you are about to read Yakuza 6 prologue and contains spoilers and gives us a glimpse of the starting of the game. With that out of the way lets start.


In 2012 during a snowy night the popular idol Haruka Sawamura confesses her secret in front of her tens of thousands of fans: “I belong to Kazuma Kiryu’s family”.

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At the same time Kazuma Kiryu has solved the conflict involving Yakuza of five major cities of Japan. Under the falling snow, the conflict was resolved and a time of peace and harmony was supposed to follow.


However, Kazuma Kiryu was determined to live an honest and happy life among the children of his Sunshine orphanage in Okinawa. He spent three years in jail, which was the price for his happiness. But things went south during those years in prison.


On the other hand Haruka shocked everyone by quitting her career in show business. The fans and the public reacted extremely harsh and the girl was facing more slander. People started to attack Haruka at sunshine orphanage. The attacks started to affect the children of the orphanage, and Haruka was reminded of the consequences of her naive actions.


In 2016 Kazuma Kiryu is released from the prison and learns that the children of the sunshine orphanage are in a dire situation, and Haruka has disappeared. She was worried that children would be very affected by the attacks, so she just vanished.


Kazuma started to look for Haruka with the help of Kamurocho in Tokyo. However, even with the help of an old friend he could not manage to find her.


Kazuma almost gave up hope to find Haruka, he received a call from his old friend, Detective Makoto Date. He informed him that Haruka was involved in a traffic accident and is in coma.


Kazuma finds out that Haruka has been in Hiroshima and she visited the district of Jingacho in the the fishing town of Onomichi, east of Hiroshima. It was the turf of independent regional organization called Himei Alliance.


This was an uncharted territory for Kazuma, but he is determined to find out what Haruka was doing there and was this accident a coincidence or planned.

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Source: Dualshockers.