New Watch Dogs 2 Video Shows How DedSec Works, and Why

Watch Dogs is all about hacking for a variety of reasons, and in the new Watch Dogs 2 video, Marcus Holloway and DedSec are no exception. In the video the staff of Ubisoft Montreal go into detail behind the motivations of the main group and DedSec itself, and why they do what they do.

In the Watch Dogs 2 video, Ubisoft Montreal has made DedSec a group that is mainly focused on hacktivism. That is, using hacking in order to effect social change. The game’s E3 2016 debut, for instance, showed Marcus and his friends breaking into the offices of a political candidate, where his staff were getting rid of any dirty laundry he had on him.

In addition to that, DedSec keeps watch on the various corporations that are now running in San Francisco, keeping tabs on them and hacking into their systems if they try and pull anything shady.

In this DedSec is like our real-world Anonymous group, which in addition to its general trolling also helps to bring public attention to various abuses of power and justice by hacking into various systems and getting their hands on classified documents.

DedSec also has its fingers all over the new information economy that has come out with ctOS, the surveillance system that allows Marcus and allowed Aiden Pierce to do what they were able to in the Watch Dogs games.

This is the second Watch Dogs 2 video that Ubisoft Montreal has put out, after the first video showed off all of the characters of the main group including Marcus, Wrench, Sitara, and Josh. Since Watch Dogs 2 comes out on November 15 of this year, there’s likely going to be a few more videos that come out before the game releases.

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