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Umbrella Corps Still Optimistic, Goes For Another Free Demo Weekend

If you’re one of the many Resident Evil fans that were extremely disappointed in Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps (and why wouldn’t you be), you may have the opportunity to give it another chance this weekend. On Friday, August 12, an Umbrella Corps free demo will allow you to once again play the game.

Umbrella Corps released back in June to a critical panning, with many critics saying that it was just a run-of-the-mill first-person shooter with a Resident Evil skin on it. Capcom’s previous attempts at making a squad-based shooter game, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, met with a similarly negative (yet still more positive than this) response.

The Umbrella Corps free demo weekend does have at least some use, however; if you want to see how the game is for yourself, whether you think it’s good or bad, you can take a look at the game without having to buy something you’ll regret. If you want to see if they’ve improved the game, you might also be able to check and see if the game is any better.

Apparently the game has even added another competitive multiplayer game mode. In this mode, not only do you have to watch out for enemy players, you’ll also have to contend with a lot of zombies, with your only protection being zombie jammers that you’ll have to protect.

Other multiplayer maps added into the game include Kijuju from Resident Evil 5, the mansion from the first Resident Evil, and the Las Plagas village from Resident Evil 4.

The demo begins at 12 AM Pacific Time on Friday, and will last until 11:59 PM Pacific time on Saturday, August 13.

If Umbrella Corps isn’t to your liking, you can at least take a small bit of comfort in playing the Resident Evil 7 demo all over again, and at least look forward to a real Resident Evil game.