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PlayStation Now Removed All NeoGeo Games From Its Library

Fans of the good old NeoGeo games will be disappointed as PlayStation Now has removed the NeoGeo games from its library.

Well this is a quite a bummer for me, as I am a fan of the NeoGeo games, and I spent too much time with those games in my childhood. I booted up my PlayStation Vita to refresh my memories of the good old days, and what did I find? they were not available.

The games were the part of PlayStation Now subscription, and now they are just vanished without any warning from the Sony. Every single NeoGeo game that was available with the service has now been removed.

If any of you still getting the icon for the NeoGeo games for toy PlayStation dashboard, then don’t be surprised when when you get the message pop up and tell you that the games are no longer available.

However, Sony has not issued any statement regarding why the games were removed, and honestly speaking we have no idea what could be the issue. There is a possibility that this is a licensing issue, which could explain the removal of the games.

In related news, Sony has announced PlayStation Meeting for September. The company will discuss all things PlayStation during the event. Media is also invited to cover the PlayStation Meeting, and to know the future of PlayStation which we assume is PlayStation 4 Neo. The company is expected to reveal its new console during the event.

There is a rumor circulating the internet that Sony is worried for PlayStation Neo specs due to Xbox One Scorpio. According to the report Xbox One Scorpio support 4K and PlayStation Neo only upscales full HD games to 4K, and this worries Sony.

What do you think of NeoGeo games removed from PlayStation Now? Let us know in the comments.