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New Final Fantasy XV Details Arrive; Link Attacks, Food Buffs, and Chocobos

One of the most eagerly awaited games of this generation, Final Fantasy XV, just got some new information about some of its in-game elements. For instance, you can use up to 4 weapons in battle and each of them can be set via the Equipment menu.

You not only have control over what weapons you use but you can decide which weapons your party members are using. Depending on their weapons and commands you provide, their battle strategy will change dramatically. Different characters will have different roles to play such as attack or support. Your commands will decide how they operate by your side in the field.

You are allowed to set one main and one secondary weapon for each party member.

Furthermore, Link attacks or coop attacks change based on the weapon equipped at the time. Same is the case with the weapon equipped by your party members. As you know, throughout your journey you will be able to set camp, cook and do other activities. Camps were the only way to rest up that we knew of but it looks like we’ll also be able to use trailer houses and Inns.

Ignis can cook and his food will allow you to gain buffs etc. However, at Inns and Hotels you will get special meal that otherwise won’t be available. And finally, we have Chocobos. These are giant yellow birds that are found at various areas of the map. Chocobos allow you to travel at a faster pace to location where your car won’t go.

Final Fantasy XV will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One on September 30.