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PES 2017 and FIFA 17 Are Now In A Player Modeling Battle

Not content with fighting one another over graphics and tighter player control, player modeling has also come into conflict between Konami (PES 2017 and EA (FIFA 17), as the pair’s soccer games do their best to make the best models of the players from various other football clubs.

You can hardly have a soccer game without the various famous football clubs of Europe, including Arsenal, Manchester United, Juventus, and more. Not to mention that, as graphics have gotten better, player modeling has now gotten much more important so that you can ensure accuracy for the teams that you’ve got.

Both games have also gotten a number of famous football teams to work with them. This includes Arsenal for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, along with Juventus and Manchester United for FIFA 17. With so many well-known players, player modeling is imperative for both games, so that the fans that own the game can recognize the various players.

FIFA 17 has already touted how well the Frostbite engine can model the various managers of the Barclay Premiere League teams, so hopefully whatever engine Konami is working with for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 has the ability to make really detailed players for all of the football clubs that it likely has.

The teams that are on them are likely only going to be one part of what controls the sales of each game. Players will also have to choose between the two games’s graphics engines, how their players control, the new mechanics they’ve brought, and whether they want to take part in FIFA 17’s “The Journey” story mode as opposed to the regular career mode that the FIFA and PES games are known for.

Konami may be releasing PES 2017 a few days earlier than FIFA 17, but player modeling, along with a number of other factors, are going to influence which game gets more sales.