Two Players In No Man’s Sky Reached The Same But Different Place

No Man’s Sky have been in the news for all good and bad reasons. This time the space exploration game is in the news for its cloudy multiplayer status.

Hello Games had hinted that players will be able to meet other players in the game, but it is highly unlikely given the sheer vastness of the game. However, two players of No Man’s Sky has reported that they have reached the same location but could not see each other.

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The two players decided to meet when thesadcactus found a system that was already named by another player psytokat. The two players messaged each other, when they discovered they are close they decided to meet.

However, when both reached the place where they were supposed to meet, they could not see each other. It appears that both were at the same but different location. The place shared the same name but time of day and terrain varied.

The player thesadcactus admitted that he did not had PS Plus but has since signed up. The second player Psytokat was blasting some holes into the ground which thesadcactus could not see.

On the other hand the multiplayer status of No Man’s Sky have always been unclear. In a recent interview, Sean Murray emphasized that players should not think No Man’s Sky as a multiplayer game, he said players can decide to meet one another on a same spot in the game. But they will find themselves at the same but different location.

It will never happen. I guess the whole of the entire community could organise to go to one specific spot and then they would find that they weren’t all there at the same time. That would be ridiculous.

However, Hello Games has not yet issued any statement over the matter but Sean Murray tweeted this when the news started to spread.

There could be many reasons why these two players could not meet. It could be because of a server issue or could be a glitch, who knows.

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