PlayStation Meeting Announced for September 7, PlayStation 4 Neo Reveal Expected

A few days ago we reported that Sony is hosting an event on September 7 in New York where it would reveal PlayStation 4 Neo. The rumor turned out to be true, at least hosting the event part of it did, as Sony has confirmed a PlayStation Meeting for September.

According to Sony, the company will discuss all things PlayStation during the event. The media is invited to know about the future of PlayStation which we assume is PlayStation 4 Neo. The company is expected to reveal its new console on September 7.

PlayStation 4 Neo was confirmed earlier this year and it was expected to be at E3 2016. However, days before the event Sony confirmed that PlayStation 4 Neo won’t be shown at E3 2016. PlayStation Experience was the next likely candidate but it seems Sony don’t wish to wait that long.

On a related note, we just got word that Sony is working on a PlayStation Vita Trinity. Presumably, it is an upgraded version of the current Vita. The FCC certified a wireless chip which indicates that Sony will bring a new Vita to PlayStation Meeting on September 7.

The company asked the FCC for temporary confidentiality but the information still managed to find its way online. Sony is naming its hardware after Matrix characters, first we saw Project Morpheus which was then officially named PlayStation VR. PlayStation 4 Neo is the second example and now we have PlayStation Vita Trinity.

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