Players Have Discovered 10 Million Species in No Man’s Sky

The long awaited and hyped PlayStation 4 console exclusive No Man’s Sky is finally out. The hype around this game was incredible and it seems it has lived up to it as well. Hundreds and thousands of players are currently playing No Man’s Sky as we speak.

The entire game is about exploration and discovering new planets, specials etc. Overnight, players have discovered over 10 million species in No Man’s Sky. That is more than we have discovered on Earth.

The universe is so massive and packs so much that it would take billions of years for players to fully explore it. We will keep hearing about more discoveries for years to come. Hello Games has done an exceptional job with No Man’s Sky so we’ll be busy with it for a long time.

As I mentioned, the game is available on PlayStation 4 but a PC version will soon hit the market. According to Hello Games, the PC version of No Man’s Sky will release on August 12. It was originally suppose to come out alongside PlayStation 4 but got delayed earlier this month.

We are eagerly waiting for the PC version to hit the market so we can test it out to see just how well it performs. We are hearing of SLI support and one wonders how it would be like to play the game in VR.

Hello Games should definitely consider working on VR support for No Man’s Sky.

Do you think NMS should get VR support for PlayStation VR? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: Hello Games