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No Man’s Sky Zinc Farming Locations Guide – How to Farm Zinc Easily

No Man’s Sky Zinc Farming Locations Guide to help you farm this rare element used in different resources in order to repair their damaged starship.

As soon as players start their journey in No Man’s Sky, they will notice the requirement for different resources in order to repair their damaged starship so they can fly. One of those materials required is Zinc which as it happens is also the hardest element to find at that stage.

Zinc is required for the repair and upkeep of Pulse Engine of their starship so without it, players won’t be able to leave their starting planet.

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No Man’s Sky Zinc Farming

This No Man’s Sky Zinc Farming Guide should help players find a decent amount of Zinc without too much trouble:

Finding Zinc in No Man’s Sky

Unlike other metals at the starting planet, Zinc is not so easily located nor is it inside different rocks.

Best way to find it is for players to regularly use their Scanner so they can mark the different objects on their HUD. So repairing the scanner should be a high priority as soon as they start.

Once the scanner has been used, if there is some Zinc nearby, a yellow diamond shaped icon will appear on the HUD so players need to walk towards that.

If no icon appears, they should simply walk a bit further and then use the scanner again.

Farming Zinc in No Man’s Sky

Upon approaching the yellow icon, players will notice that Zinc is actually inside yellow colored plants. Instead of destroying those plants with their mining tool, players need to interact with them to farm Zinc.

Since it is not easily found and available in large clusters, players might have to walk around a lot and it can take up to 30 minutes to find all the Zinc that they need at this stage.

Once the required amount of Zinc has been obtained, players can simply open their inventory and fix the broken Hyperdrive.

This is all we have on our No Man’s Sky Zinc Farming Guide. If there is something else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!