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No Man’s Sky Resources Farming Guide, Elements Farming Locations, Where to Find Rare Elements

No Man’s Sky Resources Farming to help you farm plentiful resources in the game’s universe to help you continue exploration, combat, and trading.

From combat to exploration, you need No Man’s Sky resources for almost everything in the game. Apart from that, there are rare elements that you should definitely collect.

Since there are a lot of No Man’s Sky resources and elements in the game, we have compiled this guide to help you keep track of everything.

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No Man’s Sky Resources Farming Guide

Our No Man’s Sky Resources Farming Guide details everything you need to know about rare elements, elements farming locations, and more.

No Man’s Sky Oxides

You can find Iron Oxides in rock formations as well as on asteroids. Almost every planet – that we visited – had Iron Oxide.

Titanium Oxide is mostly found in hot planets, inside yellow crystalline formations. It can also be found inside rocky structures, however, do note that it is a rare Oxide and is hard to come by.

Zinc Oxide is usually acquired from yellow flowers on some planets. However, do note that it is a little uncommon to stumble upon Zinc Oxide.

No Man’s Sky Isotopes

This isotope can be acquired from majority of planet and animal life found on most planets in the game. It is a common resource and can be acquired without much difficulty.

This rare isotope is acquired from red crystalline structure found both on surface and inside caverns.

This isotope is acquired from red flowers on planets and almost every asteroid you will find in the game. It is, however, an uncommon isotope and may require some grinding.

No Man’s Sky Silicates

You need to harvest Chrysonite Silicate from blue crystals found on planets. There are some chances of getting it from large rocky structures as well.

This is one common Silicate which can be acquired from rust-red deposits available on planetary surfaces. In addition to this, you can also farm Heridium from purple-blue tall rocky pillars found on some planets.

Platinum Silicate can be found inside both blue flowers and blue crystals on planets.

No Man’s Sky Neutrals

There are chances of Aluminum dropping from rock formations and from asteroids.

There are chances of Copper dropping from rock formations and from asteroids.

There are chances of Emeril dropping from rock formations.

There are chances of Gold dropping from rock formations and from asteroids.

You cannot only find this from destroying large asteroids, but also from rocky structures.

Nickel can be acquired from rocky structures and from animals.

No Man’s Sky Precious Elements

This item can be acquired by trading.

You can acquire this one from wildlife found on planets.

You can get your hands on Radnox via trading or from rocky formation, although chances are very less.

No Man’s Sky Elements Farming

No Man’s Sky Thamium9 Farming
As mentioned earlier, you can find Thamium9 on the surface of some planets, but doing this is obviously not ideal. In order to farm it, you basically need to shoot asteroids and debris found in the outer space using your boltcaster.

Doing so while between planets will get you huge amount of Thamium9 to continue your exploration. Moreover, if you are worried about getting your ammo drained, you can simply hit them with your starship and get the same results without damaging your starship.

No Man’s Sky Zinc Farming
In order to farm Zinc, you need to look for yellow plants that are found on planets. However, one important thing that you need to note here is that you need to interact with the planet and not actually destroy it in order to get the resource. One of the better ways of doing it is to use your Scanner as much as possible and only look for yellow plants.

No Man’s Sky Important Items

No Man’s Sky Carite Sheet – How to Get
Craite Sheet in No Man’s Sky is acquired from Iron which is easily one of the most common resources in the game. Once you have enough Iron at your disposal, you simply need to open up the crafting menu and craft it into Carite Sheet.

No Man’s Sky Electron Vapour – How to Get
Electron Vapour is required to craft Antimatter which is required for Warp Cells. In order to craft Electron Vapour, you need x1 Suspension Fluid and x100 Plutonium which is acquired from red crystalline structure found both on surface and inside caverns.

No Man’s Sky Suspension Fluid – How to Get
This is required in order to craft Electron Vapour. In order to craft Suspension Fluid, you need x50 Carbon which is a common element in the game and can be farmed rather easily. Alternatively, you can also get Suspension Fluid from the Trade Terminal.

No Man’s Sky Antimatter – How to Get
In order to craft Antimatter, you require x1 Electron Vapour, x50 Heridium which is acquired from rust-red deposits, and x20 Zinc which is extracted from yellow plants available on some of the planets.

To give you an overview of everything we have covered so far in the guide, here are No Man’s Sky rare elements and where to find them:

  • Carbon – Plants
  • Plutonium – Red Crystals
  • Sulfur – Cargo Drops
  • Iron – Stones
  • Zinc – Yellow Plants
  • Titanium – Yellow Crystalline Formations
  • Thamium9 – Asteroids
  • Silicon – Blue Bulbous plants
  • Heridium – Sentinals, Factories, Buildings, etc.
  • Platinum – Blue Flowers and Blue Crystals
  • Chrysonite – Blue Crystals
  • Calium – Cargo Drops and Trading
  • Omegon – From Wildlife
  • Radnox – Rocks and Trading
  • Emeril – Rocks
  • Copper – Rocks and Asteroids
  • Iridium – Asteroids and Rocks
  • Gold – Asteroids and Rocks
  • Nickel – Animals and Rocky Structures

This is all we have on No Man’s Sky Resources Farming Guide. If there is something else you would like to add to the guide, let us know in the comments section below!